"Soyuztransproekt" Ltd.

Valerii Palii - General Director

Valery Palii

General Director

"Soyuztransproekt" Ltd. has been founded by the key specialists of "Kyivsoyuzdorproekt" Close Corporation in 2004.

The company specializes on designing the large and long-span bridges, road interchanges, pedestrian bridges, automobile roads of all categories, as well as the bank protection' and anti-landslide facilities.

In addition to that, the company performs the capital repairs and reconstruction of the automobile-and-road' and railway bridges, automobile roads and their road interchanges.

The company employs many specialists that have 10 – 40 year working experience. In addition to its main office in Kyiv, "Soyuztransproekt" Ltd. has its branch office in Moscow (Russian Federation), as well as its permanent dispatch office in Yalta (The Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine).

Seventeen key specialists of the Company are certified managers in their respective fields of work related to the creation of architectural objects; the specializations include: "designing of roads", "the aspects of design related to the provision of mechanical strength and durability", "technical supervision of the construction" and others.

The company's specialists have carried out and continue to carry out projects in more than 10 countries of the world, including Afghanistan, Cuba, Mongolia, Russia, Syria, Turkmenistan, Czech Republic and others.

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